Underwater / Subsea Connectors for Mission-Critical Marine Applications

Underwater connectors, custom high-pressure cable assemblies and connector terminations. Depth rated to 10,000 psi (700 BAR) for naval and defense, deep-sea oil and gas industry and oceanographic applications. Also, downhole, high-pressure and above-deck shipboard interconnect solutions. Underwater dry-mate fiber optic and high-speed electric solutions with 10KPSI pressure ratings.

Marine and Underwater Connectors

Glenair excels in the design and manufacture of high-pressure, underwater connectors and interconnect cable assemblies for electrical and fiber optic applications. Glenair manufactures several complete lines of oil filled (PBOF) and depth-rated cable assemblies for deep-sea applications. Our Engineering team is comprised of industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the subsea industry including submarines, ROV/AUV, seafloor operations, geophysical and entertainment projects. In addition to high-pressure underwater solutions, Glenair’s offerings extend to topside applications such as ATEX certified interconnects for explosion (EX) rated zones, navy QPL optical and electrical interconnects, LSZH cabling and conduit solutions and more. Although we have long supplied shallow-sea submersible connectors such as our Series 55 Geo-Marine and small form-factor Aqua Mouse, Glenair is a relatively new designer and supplier of deep-sea 10 KPSI interconnect technology. As a result, both our SeaKing and SuperG55 Series connectors incorporate numerous current-day design improvements that improve service-life, safety, reliability and ease-of-assembly compared to other industry solutions. Both connector series take advantage of reliability and test standard disciplines developed by Glenair over the past 60 years in the mission-critical aerospace industry. Glenair SeaKing Connectors, for example, are 100% inspected and tested in our state-of-the-art hyrdrostatic test lab via a formalized qualification test plan model that includes combined testing across pressure, durability, shock, salt spray corrosion as well as other stress factors.


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Deep Water Subsea, High-Pressure 10K PSI / 700 Bar / 7000m Connectors

Deep Underwater Subsea, High-Pressure 10K PSI / 700 Bar / 7000m Connectors

Next-generation high-speed, signal, and power connectors for mission critical underwater applications — from submarines and ROVs to seafloor oil and gas production platforms
  • SeaKing™ 10K PSI Open-Face High-Density Underwater Connectors and Cables
  • SuperG55™ Dry-Mate 10K PSI Underwater Electrical Connectors
  • Economical Marine Molded Cable-to-Cable and Cable-to-Panel Interconnects
Downhole High-Temperature / High Pressure Connectors

Downhole High-Temperature / High Pressure Connectors

Small form-factor solutions tailored for harsh-environment geophysical downhole tooling applications — with high temperature tolerance and high pressure glass sealing
  • Well-Master® High Temperature Micro-D Connectors
  • Single- and Multi-pin Height Temperature/High Pressure (HTHP) Glass Sealed Penetrators and Feedthroughs
Topside or Shipboard Connectors

Topside or Shipboard Connectors

Composite thermoplastic, marine bronze, and stainless steel interconnect wire system components for ruggedized salt spray and explosive zone applications
  • SeaCrow™ Rugged Marine Bronze Environmental Connectors
  • ITS-Ex ATEx-Qualified and Approved Explosive Zone Connectors
  • Corrosion-Resistant Composite Junction Boxes, Cable Bays, and Wire Protection Conduit
  • Polymer and Metal-Core Conduit Systems
Shallow Water Underwater Connectors

Shallow Water Underwater Connectors

Piston O-ring and hermetically sealed interconnect technologies with marine-grade stainless steel and Marine Bronze materials for power, signal, and high-speed applications in shallow water, underwater environments
  • Geo-Marine® 5000 PSI connectors and overmolded cables
  • AquaMouse™ 3500 PSI miniature Connectors and overmolded cables